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Atmegatron - Peter Fowler Limited Edition


8-bit monosynth in aluminium enclosure with walnut side panels. Livery by Pete Fowler. Only 30 units manufactured and each one is signed and numbered. Comes preloaded with Atmegatron software and factory presets. Comes with:
Power supply
Quick reference card
Atmegatron Manual
Odytron manual
Programmer cable
Atmegatron overlay
Atmegadrum overlay
Delayerton overlay
Odytron overlay
Duotron overlay
Atcyclotron overlay
Strings overlay

*** Price shown does not include VAT for customers within the EU. Customers outside the EU will be required to pay customs duty on delivery of the unit.***

***Please note that unfortunately there is a small text error under one the knobs. A colour matched label has been provided that can be used to correct the error. The sticker has been circled in one of the pictures. Sadly due to the limited nature of this product, it is not viable to reprint them and no further units will be manufactured. The synthesizer cannot be replaced or refunded with regard to this issue. The normal Atmegatron warranty is unaffected.***

If shipping to your country is not listed, please contact Soulsby Synthesizers using the link on the right.

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