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Atmegatron - Odytron Special Edition B-Stock

Image of Atmegatron - Odytron Special Edition B-Stock


8-bit monosynth in aluminium enclosure with walnut side panels. Comes preloaded with Odytron software and factory presets. The Odytron software emulates a classic analogue synth but in an 8-bit environment. Comes with:
Power supply
Quick reference card
Atmegatron Manual
Odytron manual

***Unlike the original A-stock Odytrons, these units do not come with the overlays or programmer cable and are not numbered and is hence reflected in the price.***

All B-Stock units are 100% electrically perfect. Only issues are cosmetic such as minor screen print, powder coat or wooden end panel defects.

*** Price shown does not include VAT for customers within the EU. Customers outside the EU will be required to pay customs duty on delivery of the unit.***

If shipping to your country is not listed, please contact Soulsby Synthesizers using the link on the right.

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